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Clojars Project

Crux Currently supports LMDB and RocksDB, but we wanted a pure Java solution so we created a Xodus-backed KV store.


If you want to quickly try it out you should follow the Official Crux installation.

Add a dependency

Make sure to first add this module as a dependency: Clojars Project

Configure Crux

And after that you can change the KV backend to the Xodus one:


{:crux/index-store {:kv-store {:crux/module 'avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store
                               :db-dir (io/file "/tmp/xodus")}}
 :crux/document-store {...}
 :crux/tx-log {...}}


  "crux/index-store": {
    "kv-store": {
      "crux/module": "avisi.crux.xodus/->kv-store",
      "db-dir": "/tmp/xodus"
  "crux/document-store": { ... },
  "crux/tx-log": { ... }

For more information about configuring Crux see:



First make sure the pom is up-to-date run

$ clojure -Spom

To release run:

$ mvn release

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