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April 20, 2014

Encoding Changes

  • need to change how reading from file works
  • write single short describing how many bytes follow
  • rest of bytes will be a valid node encoding, which gloss can decode without further information
  • this means not including the type in the information which is read directly from the RAF

April 23, 2014

Inserting into non-full leaf

  • Start with key-vals pairs.
  • split this sequence at the point where k_i < k < k_{i+1}
  • concatenate first half, new key-val pair, last half
  • this is the new key-vals pairs sequence
  • now convert this into separate keys and vals sequences
(let [new-leaf (assoc leaf :keys new-keys :children new-vals)] ...)

April 24, 2014

Keyval Serialization

  • Going to change serialization of keys/pointers to a seq of keyvals, which will be parsed into a map simply using (apply sorted-map keyvals)
(defcodec node {:type node-types,
                :keyvals keyval-seq})

Future Plan:

  • After insert is finished, work on separate word-scraper library, which has functions to fetch words from webpages.
  • Also use this library in wiki-path. This will save a lot of code copying, but will require messing around with deps.
    • Will allow me to work on both at same time, too. Working on one project can improve the other
    • Possible pitfalls when I want to make major changes to word-scraper, because I'll have to change two projects. So it is probably best to work mainly on b-plus-tree

May 2, 2014

Delayed Persistence

  • Instead of writing each node to disc each time one is altered, have a hash-map, mapping RAF offsets to nodes which have already been read and/or altered
  • Whenever a node needs to be read off the disc, first check if its offset is already in the hash-map, and use the in-memory node instead if one exists
  • Instead of simply using assoc to add new nodes to the map, write a function which checks the number of elements in the map, and if it reaches a certain threshold (a parameter to the function), write half of the nodes at random to disc, and dissoc them from the map after they've been written
  • When all operations are finished, write the entire hash-map to disc, and let it be garbage-collected

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