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Hypermedia functions for bidi and ring.


Add the following to your project.clj file:

[b-social/hype "0.0.21"]



hype currently provides support for:

  • generating paths or URLs,
  • including URI template parameters, and
  • converting between paths and URLs.

For example:

(require '[ring.mock.request :as ring-mock])
(require '[hype.core :as hype])

(def request (ring-mock/request "GET" "https://localhost:8080/help"))
(def routes 
   [["/" :index]
    ["/articles" :articles]
    [["/articles/" :article-id] 
     [["" :article]
      [["/sections/" :article-section-id] :article-section]]]]])

(hype/base-url-for request)
; => "https://localhost:8080"

(absolute-path-for routes :index)
; => "/"

(absolute-path-for routes :article
  {:path-params {:id 10}})
; => "/articles/10"

(absolute-path-for routes :article
  {:path-template-params {:id :article-id}})
; => "/articles/{articleId}"

(absolute-path-for routes :article-index
  {:query-params {:latest true
                  :sort-direction "descending"}
   :query-template-params [:per-page :page]})
; => "/articles?latest=true&sortDirection=descending{&perPage,page}"

(absolute-url-for request routes :index)
; => "https://localhost:8080/"

(absolute-url-for request routes :article
  {:path-template-params {:id :articleID}
   :path-template-param-key-fn clojure.core/identity})
; => "https://localhost:8080/articles/{articleID}"

(absolute-url-for request routes :article
  {:path-params {:id 10}
   :query-template-params [:include-author :include-images]})
; => "https://localhost:8080/articles/10{?includeAuthor,includeImages}"

(absolute-url-for request routes :article-index
  {:query-params {:latest true
                  :sort-direction "descending"}
   :query-param-key-fn clojure.core/identity
   :query-template-params [:per-page :page]
   :query-template-param-key-fn clojure.core/identity})
; => "https://localhost:8080/articles?latest=true&sort-direction=descending{&per-page,page}"

(absolute-path->absolute-url request "/articles/index.html")
; => "https://localhost:8080/articles"

See the Getting Started guide for more details.


Copyright © 2018 B-Social Ltd.

Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

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