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restQL-clojure allows to run restQL queries directly in the JVM, making easy to fetch information from multiple services in the most efficient manner

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Getting Started


Add restQL dependency to your project


[b2wdigital/restql-core "2.4.0"]

First query

(require '[restql.core.api.restql :as restql])
(restql/execute-query :mappings { :user "http://your.api.url/users/:name" } :query "from user with name = $name" :params { :name "Duke Nukem" } )

In the example above restQL will call user API passing "Duke Nukem" in the name param.

Our query language

The clause order matters when making restQL queries. The following is a full reference to the query syntax, available clauses and order.

[ [ use modifier = value ] ]

METHOD resource-name [as some-alias] [in some-resource]
  [ headers HEADERS ]
  [ timeout INTEGER_VALUE ]
  [ with WITH_CLAUSES ]
  [ [only FILTERS] OR [hidden] ]
  [ [ignore-errors] ]


from search
        role = "hero"

from hero as heroList
        name =

Learn more about restQL query language


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Copyright © 2016-2019 B2W Digital

Distributed under the MIT License.

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