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Clojars Project

A proof of concept tool for transforming error message in Clojure into beginner friendly forms. Very early in development, and will experience breaking changes. Paper describing its use and development availible here.


Adjust your project.clj as follows, and ensure you are running clojure 1.9.0 or later.

:dependencies [[clojure "1.9.0"]
               [babel-middleware "0.1.3-alpha"]]
:repl-options {:nrepl-middleware

Launch a repl with lein repl, or whichever tool you prefer. (Has not been tested outside of Atom/proto-repl, and lein repl)


To provide a transparent testing environment, the logging system creates logs that record your testing code, its actual modified error message and its original error message.

See details at logging manual.


Copyright © 2018

Distributed under the MIT license

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