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Clojure html/xml parser based on jsoup.

This is a small library tha wraps a well java library for parsing html into a clojure idiomatic api. Cljsoup only exposes a parser api and it does not have intentions to expose a mutanle api.

NOTE: Currently it does not support all api that jsoup support out the box. But, if you need some method that is not implemented in cljsoup, let me know or make a pull-request."

User Guide

Parse document

(require '[cljsoup.core :as cr]
         '[cljsoup.document :as dc])
(def document (cr/from-string "<head><title>Hello World</title></head>"))

Get Title

(println (dc/title document))
;; -> "Hello World"

Traversing dom

(require '[cljsoup.element :as el])
(def elm (el/first (el/select document "title")))
(println (el/outer-html elm))
;; -> "<title>Hello World</title>"

Api Documentation

Currently api documentation is not available online, but you can build it manually:

git clone
cd cljsoup
lein doc
chromium doc/index.html


Copyright © 2013 Andrey Antukh

Distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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