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Tools and APIs for finding, inspecting and fixing differences between data sets in relational databases.

Data sets may be gathered from different joins, schemas, databases or RDBMSs.

Diff-rdb relies entirely upon SQL result sets, it can compare anything user can express with SQL.

Columns marked for comparison must have the same names. Aliases can be used if names differ.

To compare large data sets efficiently, queries can be partitioned and executed in parallel.

Diffs can be inspected with GUI, can be saved to disk in various data formats or exposed via core.async channels.


Under development, APIs may change.


  • ~Core diff algorithm~
  • JDBC, parallelization, IO
  • User interface



Two options are available:

Free license Paid license
For non-commercial use such as teaching, academic research, personal study and for open source projects For commercial and non-commercial use
Read the license Contact us

Copyright © Belit d.o.o.

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