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A clojure.spec flavored adaption of Prismatic^WPlumatic Graph.


Here's the stats example from the Graph README expressed in plan:

(ns example
  (:require [bevuta.plan :as p]))

(p/defn n [xs] (count xs))
(p/defn m [xs n] (/ (reduce + xs) n))
(p/defn m2 [xs n] (/ (reduce + (map #(* % %) xs)) n))
(p/defn v [m m2] (- m2 (* m m)))

(def stats-plan
  (p/devise `v))

(p/realize stats-plan)
;; => Exception: Missing plan inputs {:missing (example/xs)}

(p/realize stats-plan {`xs [1 2 3 6]})
;; => #:example{xs [1 2 3 6], n 4, m2 25/2, m 3, v 7/2}

Step functions are regular functions with positional arguments, so they can still be used directly. Similar to clojure.spec, bevuta.plan keeps a global registry of step dependency information. p/defn is just a convenience macro for declaring dependencies and defining a function in one go. However, you can also do it separately, e.g. the v definition from the example above could be expressed like this instead:

(p/def v :deps [m m2])
(defn v [a b] (- b (* a a)))


There's a basic walk-through that showcases the essential features of the library. Full API documentation will follow soon.


Copyright © 2018 bevuta IT GmbH

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0, see LICENSE for full text.

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