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Idiomatic connection pools in Clojure.

Based on Dirigiste.

Clojars Project


(require [biiwide.deepend.alpha.pool :as pool])

Define a generator:

(pool/defgenerator some-connector
  [hostname port]
  (generate [k] (client/connection hostname port :credentials k))
  (destroy  [k conn] (client/close conn)))

(def prod-client (some-connector prod-host prod-port))

A pool can be constructed using :generate & :destroy functions, or with a :generator.

Fixed object pool with generate & destroy functions:

  {:generate    (fn [key] ...)
   :destroy     (fn [key obj] ...)
   :max-objects 10

Fixed object pool with generator:

  {:generator prod-client
   :max-objects-per-key 8
   :max-objects-total   24

Utilization pool:

  {:generator           my-custom-generator
   :target-utilization  1.0
   :max-objects-per-key 5
   :max-objects-total   15})

Pool with basic resource health check:

  {:generator            the-generator
   :max-objects          8
   :healthy?             (fn [k obj] (alive? obj))
   :check-on-acquire     true
   :check-on-release     true
   :max-acquire-attempts 2})

Acquire, Release, & Dispose of objects:

(pool/acquire! pool key)
(pool/release! pool key obj)
(poll/dispose! pool key obj)

Macro form for managing pooled objects:

(pool/with-resource [my-obj my-pool some-key]
  (do-stuff-with my-obj))


Copyright © 2018 Ted Cushman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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