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Idiomatic Clojure support for OpenTracing.


Dependency information

[biiwide/naphthalimide "0.0.6"]

Sample Usage

(require '[naphthalimide.beta :as trace])

An anonymous, traced function:

(let [f (trace/fn important
          [^::trace/tag a b]
          (+ a b))]
  (f 1 2))

Function arguments annotaed with :naphthalimide.beta/tag will be added to the span as tags.

A defined, traced function:

(trace/defn my-traced-function
  ([^::trace/tag a] a)
  ([^::trace/tag a ^::trace/tag b] (+ a b)))

A traced block of code:

(fn [a b]
  (trace/let-span my-inline-span
                  [c (str a b)
		   d (str b a)]
    (list c d)))

The span my-inline-span will be created and tagged with c and d.


Copyright © 2022 Theodore Cushman

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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