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Dirac DevTools and Node.js

It is possible to use Dirac for debugging a node.js process. This feature was introduced in Dirac 1.1.0. With cljs-devtools v0.9.0 it is possible to achieve similar ClojureScript debugging experience as under normal Chrome.

Initial setup

The basic idea is to instruct Dirac DevTools to connect to an external node.js debugger instead of internal Chrome debugger.

When you run node --inspect app.js, node should print something like:

Debugger listening on port 9229.
Warning: This is an experimental feature and could change at any time.
To start debugging, open the following URL in Chrome:

This should tell you two important settings:

  1. node.js debugger is running at http://localhost:9229
  2. the debugger-id of your Javascript context is 919c3f53-2784-4120-848b-68416181e90f

You have to set node.js debugger address into Dirac Extension Options as "Debugger URL":

The debugger-id of your Javascript context is detected automatically. In more complex scenario when you have multiple debuggable Javascript contexts running inside your node.js process, you might specify ws=919c3f53-2784-4120-848b-68416181e90f into "Extra frontend URL params". This will override the auto-detection.

Example project

You can follow dirac-sample project.

  1. first, make sure that your Dirac installation works for classic browser debugging,
  2. instead lein demo, run lein demo-node, this should start an example node app
  3. set http://localhost:9229 as "Debugger URL" in Dirac Extension Options
  4. click the Dirac extension button on any page, Dirac DevTools should
    1. connect to your node.js process
    2. attach the available node.js context
    3. and open DevTools with limited features (only Console, Sources, Memory and Profiler panels)
    4. also you should see Console with "Node.js Main Context" as the only available option in context combo
  5. you should be able to switch to ClojureScript REPL and use Dirac as usual
  6. you can hit ENTER in your lein demo-node terminal session, to stop on a breakpoint and exercise Dirac features

Possible issues

Source maps

ClojureScript properly generates source maps, but under :target :nodejs they are linked via file-system paths. Normally node.js can see file-system paths so source mapping works internally (e.g. stack traces reported by node.js), The problem is that DevTools is a web app and cannot directly access file-system source maps references. I worked around it in dirac-sample by using a separate web-server just to serve source maps to DevTools. That can be achieved via ClojureScript compiler option :source-map-asset-path and pointing it to the source-maps server.

Also please note that the current ClojureScript 1.9.293 does not always respect this option and can generate some files as if this option was not set. Dirac will complain about internal errors with source maps. This seems to be fixed in current master, so this problem will likely go away in next release.

Node.js version

Dirac DevTools is built from latest Chromium sources. This can potentially cause issues when using older Chrome due to debugger protocol changes. Similar concerns apply to node.js. Your node.js process must be using similar debugging protocol to Dirac DevTools you happen to be using. In case of troubles try to run against node.js nightly builds or downgrade Dirac to a matching version.

REPL evaluation seems to work only on stopped debugger

This might be related to node.js debugger protocol implementation. They might not allow custom evaluations while message loop is live.

TODO: needs investigation.

I consider this feature very experimental. Please report bugs here. Good luck!

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