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Dirac DevTools

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Dirac is a Chrome DevTools fork with extra features for ClojureScript developers.

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Dirac project maintains a set of patches rolling on top of official Chrome DevTools. That means you don't lose any functionality, you just add ClojureScript support on top. Additionally we provide a Chrome Extension which packages this enhanced DevTools version and hosts it within Chrome for convenient access. Dirac DevTools can be just a keystroke away enabling following features:

  • ClojureScript-aware REPL integrated into DevTools Javascript console
    • can eval ClojureScript in the context of currently selected stack frame (when paused on a breakpoint)
    • ClojureScript code completion suggestions (like completions in Javascript console)
    • Parinfer goodness
    • adds a global keyboard shortcut for focusing the console prompt
  • enables custom formatters by default (for cljs-devtools)
    • custom formatters are displayed inline on Source Panel (during debugging)
  • better display of ClojureScript function names
  • improved display of URLs
  • better display of ClojureScript property names:
    • macro-generated names are renamed to friendly names using sub-indexes
    • properties are grouped, the most important properties go first


ClojureScript REPL

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