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A Clojure library designed to ... well, that part is up to you.

Coding conventions:

  • nil is commonly used to represent absence of value.
  • bluebell.utils.failure is used to encode failures.




Ett enda objekt: vexpress Motsvarar ett abstrakt vektor-uttryck Följande metoder:

  • dimension: (dimension [vexpress] ...) returnerar dess dimension
  • expand: (expand [express cb] ...) genererar kod

Utilties: (to-array expr) (to-vec expr) (foreach 'i (fn [x ]

Funktioner som returnerar uttryck: (input-coll [dim] [expr]): Tar en collection som input

(add-vec [a] [b]):
  Returnerar ett uttryck som motsvarar add addera de två vektorerna


  • Simplifies working with informal domain types, such as a "person" represented as a map.
  • Specifies in one place how a value in a composite type can be read, written, updated, etc.
  • Composable: Chain many accessors
  • Type correctness checking: An accessor encodes on (i) what composite object it is applied and (ii) the type of the object that we are accessing.
  • Brevity: All information in one place about how to access it...

Type checking: If we use access for all our objects, even small temporary ones returned from functions, we will catch many of the bugs we would otherwise catch with a static type system, because if we access every composite object in a systematic way using the accessors, we will get an error early on as soon as we attempt to read/write to it. Note, however, that it is in the accessors that all typing is done: We don't specify functions, let-values, etc.

Extraction-type accessors

  • index-accessor
  • key-accessor

Composite accessors

  • sequential
  • vector
  • map

Transforming accessors

  • Optional: Turns value into optional
  • Forward/Backward (inc/dec)

Function constructs

  • Transformer (accessor and function)
  • Optional transformer
  • Poly fun [original-arglist extracted-var arglist-accessor]

Async facility:

  • Async(f, [a, b, c, [c]])


Copyright © 2016 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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