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Blue JDBC is a new Clojure interface to JDBC with an an emphasis on ease-of-use, performance, extensibility.

Key benefits!

  • Blue JDBC automatically uses java.time everywhere!
  • Blue JDBC supports HoneySQL everywhere and its functions. Don't worry -- you can still use raw SQL everywhere as well!
  • Blue JDBC's versions of java.sql.PreparedStatement and java.sql.ResultSet are reducible/transducible and sequable. Wow!
  • Blue JDBC handles parameters and results in a database-aware fashion -- for example, you can have Blue JDBC convert a UUID to a String for MySQL and a byte array for Postgres!
  • Has its own logo!
(jdbc/query "jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/test-data?user=cam&password=cam"
            "SELECT now() AS now;")
;; ->
[{:now #object[java.time.OffsetDateTime 0x75355ea0 "2020-04-22T05:36:46.257644Z"]}]

(jdbc/query-one a-datasource ; instance of java.sqlx.DataSource
                {:select    [:*]
                 :from      [:checkins]
                 :left-join [:venues [:= :checkins.venue_id]]
                 :where     [:= 25]}
                {:results/xform jdbc/namespaced-maps-xform}
;; ->
{:checkins/date      #object[java.time.LocalDate 0x60156e1b "2014-11-16"]
 :checkins/id        12
 :checkins/user_id   5
 :checkins/venue_id  25
 :venues/category_id 50
 :venues/id          25
 :venues/latitude    37.7818
 :venues/longitude   -122.396
 :venues/name        "Garaje"
 :venues/price       2}


One might wonder whether the world needs another Clojure JDBC library. For many years, was the go-to Clojure JDBC library. I've personally spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working with it as part of Metabase.

Sean Corfield's successor library, next.jdbc, fixes some of the shortcomings of and makes some big improvements.

Blue JDBC shares a similar role as next.jdbc as a successor to, but with slightly different aims:

  • Blue JDBC aims to be REPL-friendly and "batteries included". Feature like being able to use HoneySQL anywhere you can use SQL and out-of-the-box support for java.time, currency types, Postgres JSON columns, and more mean the low-level boilerplate is part of the library and not your part of your project.
  • Blue JDBC aims to be more flexible and customizable and is fully database-aware

Development & Tests

Blue JDBC currently runs tests against:

  • Postgres 9.6
  • Postgres latest
  • H2
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MySQL latest
  • MariaDB 10.2
  • MariaDB latest
  • SQL Server 2017

To run tests against a DB of your choice, set the environment variable JDBC_URL and run lein test:

JDBC_URL='jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/bluejdbc_test?user=cam&password=cam' lein test

Blue JDBC will automatically do the right thing based on the protocol.

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