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Introduction to vozi

vozi is just a thin wrapper around oz (which, in turn, is a wrapper around vega and vaga-lite).

The idea was to create an API similar to ggplot2 that would allow for the incremental creation of a plot.

It is not clear that vozi provides enough benefit at the moment, since one still has to understand the semantics of vaga-lite to use it effectively.

Example usage

Here are some examples of vozi usage.

(require '[oz.core :as oz])
(require '[bombaywalla.vozi :as vozi])

(def dataset-url "")

(defn plot-example-bar-chart
  "Plot the example bar chart from"
  (let [url (str dataset-url "seattle-weather.csv")
        base-plot (vozi/bar-plot {:x-field "date"
		                          :x-type "ordinal"
								  :x-opts {:timeUnit "month"}
								  :y-field "precipitation"
								  :y-opts {:aggregate "mean"}})
        plot (vozi/add-data base-plot url)]
	(oz/view! plot)))

(def stop-server (oz/start-server!))


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