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A port of lein-cljfmt for Boot. That is, a library for checking and fixing the formatting of Clojure files.

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If you use Boot as your build tool, you can add boot-cljfmt as a dependency to your project by adding the following to your build.boot:

(set-env! :dependencies [boot-cljfmt "0.1.2" :scope "test"])

Then you can import the tasks you need:

(require '[boot-cljfmt.core :refer [check fix]])

With this set up, you can check your project by running boot check -f . in the root of your project.

It also possible to install boot-cljfmt globally and run it with Boot on your project:

boot -d boot-cljfmt check -f .


boot-cljfmt can currently be used for checking and fixing the formatting of single files or folders.

Check all files in the current project:

boot -d boot-cljfmt check -f .

Checking a single files is done in a similar way:

boot -d boot-cljfmt check -f somefile.clj

Fixing files with the fix task works the same way:

boot -d boot-cljfmt fix -f .


Copyright © 2018-2019 Siili Solutions

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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