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A port of the clojure bash script to Clojure.


Arguably Bash and Powershell are less attractive languages for Clojure developers than Clojure itself. This repo provides the clojure bash script as a port in Clojure. It can be used as a JVM Clojure script (deps.clj), uberjar or library.

To get better startup, comparable to the original bash version, the deps.clj script can be run with babashka or as a binary called deps.exe.


Experimental, breaking changes will happen. Feedback is welcome.


The deps.clj script can simply be downloaded from this repo. If you want a binary or uberjar, go to releases.

You don't need clojure to run this project, but you will need a clojure-tools jar. This project will try to resolve the location of the clojure-tools jar using the location of the clojure command. If you don't have clojure installed, try setting the CLOJURE_TOOLS_CP environment variable to the jar. The clojure-tools jar is normally downloaded by the clojure installer itself (gz, zip).



Linux / Mac

$ deps.exe -Spath -Sdeps '{:deps {borkdude/deps.clj {:mvn/version "0.0.1"}}}'


Deps.clj provides a Windows binary (see releases).

C:\Users\borkdude\Downloads>set CLOJURE_TOOLS_CP=c:\Users\borkdude\Downloads\clojure-tools-\ClojureTools\clojure-tools-

C:\Users\borkdude\Downloads>deps -Spath -Sdeps "{:deps {borkdude/deps.clj {:mvn/version ""0.0.1""}}}"
Downloading: borkdude/deps.clj/0.0.1/deps.clj-0.0.1.pom from
Downloading: borkdude/deps.clj/0.0.1/deps.clj-0.0.1.jar from

Non-standard options

The deps.clj script adds the following non-standard options:

 -Sdeps-file    Use this file instead of deps.edn
 -Scommand      A custom command that will be invoked. Substitutions: {{classpath}}, {{main-opts}}.

Example usage

Given this script-deps.edn file:

{:paths ["scripts"]
  {:main-opts ["-m" "scripts.main"]}}}

and scripts/main.cljc:

(ns scripts.main)

(defn -main [& _args]
  (println "Hello from script!"))

you can invoke deps.clj as follows to invoke babashka:

$ deps.clj -Sdeps-file script-deps.edn -A:main -Scommand "bb -cp {{classpath}} {{main-opts}}"
Hello from script!

This can also be used with planck:

$ deps.clj -Sdeps-file script-deps.edn -A:main -Scommand "planck --classpath {{classpath}} {{main-opts}}"
Hello from script!


Copyright © 2019 Michiel Borkent

Distributed under the EPL License. See LICENSE.

This project is based on code from clojure/brew-install which is licensed under the same EPL License.

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