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CLI to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit, powered with a minimal query language.


  • This CLI is suited for shell-scripting because it has proper startup time.

  • The query language jet-lang is a minimal language for transformation of input, before writing out to JSON, EDN, or Transit.

  • The interactive shell enables you to learn jet-lang and work out the correctness of a query. It can also be useful on servers where you want to inspect data, but don't have REPL.


Linux and macOS binaries are provided via brew.


brew install borkdude/brew/jet


brew upgrade jet

You may also download a binary from Github.

This tool can also be used via the JVM. If you use leiningen, you can put the following in your .lein/profiles:

 {:dependencies [[borkdude/jet "0.0.6"]]
  :aliases {"jet" ["run" "-m" "jet.main"]}}}

And then call jet like:

$ echo '["^ ","~:a",1]' | lein jet --from transit --to edn
{:a 1}


jet supports the following options:

  • --from: edn, transit or json, defaults to edn
  • --to: edn, transit or json, defaults to edn
  • --keywordize: if present, keywordizes JSON keys.
  • --pretty: if present, pretty-prints JSON and EDN output.
  • --query: given a jet-lang query, transforms input. See jet-lang docs.
  • --interactive: if present, starts an interactive shell.
  • --version: if present, prints current version of jet and exits.


$ echo '{"a": 1}' | jet --from json --to edn
{"a" 1}

$ echo '{"a": 1}' | jet --from json --keywordize --to edn
{:a 1}

$ echo '{"a": 1}' | jet --from json --to transit
["^ ","a",1]

$ echo '[{:a {:b 1}} {:a {:b 2}}]' \
| jet --from edn --to edn --query '(filter (= [:a :b] #jet/lit 1))'
[{:a {:b 1}}]
  • Get the latest commit SHA and date for a project from Github:
$ curl -s \
| jet --from json --keywordize --to edn \
--query '[0 {:sha :sha :date [:commit :author :date]}]'
{:sha "bde8b1cbacb2b44ad2cd57d5875338f0926c8c0b", :date "2019-08-05T21:11:56Z"}

Query language


When using --keywordize and --to edn ensure that your keys do not have whitespace, as this will result in invalid EDN.


Test the JVM version:


Test the native version:

JET_TEST_ENV=native script/test


You will need leiningen and GraalVM.


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Copyright © 2019 Michiel Borkent

Distributed under the EPL License, same as Clojure. See LICENSE.

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