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1.0.0 (21/12/2015)

  • Merge PR #41: "Fixes #36: All validators are optional by default"

0.3.3 (01/06/2015)

  • Merge PR #26: "Validators added: integer, string, boolean, in-range"

  • Fix cljx warnings

0.3.2 (23/01/2015)

  • Merge PR #30: "Prepare for 0.3.2 final release``"

  • Merge PR #29: "Add min-count/max-count"

  • Merge PR #23: "Added date validator"

    (core/valid? {:dt "2014-04-02"} :dt [[v/datetime]])
  • Merge PR #27: "Cljs support"

0.3.1 (21/10/2014)

  • Merge PR #14: "Validation results as error metadata"

This pull request allows users of the library to customise errors messages in a number of different ways. Please see section "Internationalization and advanced error messages" in the README.

0.3.0 (03/01/2014)

This release contains breaking changes: most macros have been removed in favour of pure functions and data structure literals. This means a lot less magic and better composability

  • core/valid? and core/validate rewritten as functions

  • remove validators/defvalidatorset macro in favor of standard maps

  • Update README

  • Update docstrings

  • Add email validation

  • Merge PR #18: "Minor readme change to not make it seem a strange design decision was taken, and very minor (somewhat random) syntax change"

0.2.3 (12/08/2013)

  • Validator sets can now be used at the top level call to validate and valid?.

    (defvalidatorset address-validator
    :postcode v/required)
    (defvalidatorset person-validator
    :name v/required
    :age [v/required v/number]
    :address address-validator)
    (core/validate {} person-validator)
  • Added tests and a doc section around validation pipelining. It was an undocumented invariant. See discussion here.

  • (alpha) Validators now support a pre-condition option. If it is met, the validator will run, otherwise it's just skipped:

    (core/valid? {:a 1 :b "X"}
                 :b (v/member #{"Y" "Z"} :pre (comp pos? :a)))
    ;; false
  • Fixed Issue #5: "bouncer.validators/member does not allow me to pass it a symbol referring to the collection"

  • Fixed Issue #7: "3 level composition broken"

0.2.2 (16/01/2013)

  • defvalidator now lets you define validators with arbitrary number of arguments.

  • All validators are now implemented using defvalidator

  • New validators:

    • member - validates the value is a member of the provided collection
    • matches- regex validation (thanks to ghoseb)
  • Updated most validators' docstrings to something less confusing

  • Added API documentation using marginalia. See the docs folder or this link.

  • bouncer now stores the error messages in the qualified keyword :bouncer.core/errors (thanks to ghoseb)

    For short, just use an alias:

    (require '[bouncer.core :as c])
    ;; then somewhere you want to inspect the errors map
    (::c/errors a-map)
  • short-circuit for validators: if a map entry has multiple validators, it stops at the first failure, moving on to the next map entry.

  • fixed destructuring bug when using Clojure 1.5 (thanks to Gary Johnson for reporting it)

  • using leiningen profiles to build against Clojure 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5

0.2.1 (07/01/2013)

  • One step towards composability: new 'defvalidatorset' macro that lets the user encapsulate common validation patterns into reusable units.

0.2.0 (04/01/2013)

  • Major overhaul of the validation DSL.
  • Added the defvalidator macro to make defining new validation functions a whole lot simpler.
  • Moved built-in validators into the bouncer.validators namespace
  • New validator:
    • custom - for ad-hoc validations using arbitrary functions

0.1.0-SNAPSHOT (23/12/2012)

  • Initial release.
  • Public Macros
    • validate
    • valid
  • Basic built-in validators
    • required
    • number
    • positive
    • every

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