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calfpath Changes and TODO


  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Rename the abstraction uri-template to path
  • [TODO - BREAKING CHANGE] Consider clojure.walk as routes navigation tool
  • [TODO] Change internal spec references to route
  • [TODO] Include [quickstart] complete server examples using Ring and Machhiato
  • [TODO] Return numeric direction (lower/higher) indicator in URI matching

0.8.0-alpha3 / 2020-Setember-29

  • [BREAKING since 0.8.0-alpha1] Rename w.r.t. calfpath.route/compile-routes
    • Rename kwarg :trie? to :tidy?
    • Rename kwarg :trie-threshold to :tidy-threshold
    • Rename fn calfpath.route/routes->wildcard-trie to routes->wildcard-tidy
  • Performance tweaks
    • Update Reitit benchmark parameters
    • Use VolatileInt as a mutable container for index

0.8.0-alpha2 / 2020-September-25

  • Routes
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Put URI params under :path-params key in request
    • Support for easy route syntax
    • Accept options argument in function calfpath.route/make-dispatcher
  • Performance tweaks
    • Faster match for static URI string (full/partial)
    • Use mutable URI end-index for tracking URI match
    • Use passthrough params-map from request to add new URI params
    • Matchex
      • Direct handler invocation for identity matcher
      • Use if-some/when-some instead of if-let/when-let everywhere
      • Use bulk methods matcher when all routes match methods
  • Documentation
    • Dispatch macros
    • Data driven routes
      • Concepts
      • Easy routes notation
      • Applying middleware
      • Bidirectional routing

0.8.0-alpha1 / 2019-February-19

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Rename calfpath.route/assoc-spec-to-request to assoc-route-to-request
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Drop support for Clojure 1.7
    • Use string utility fns introduced in Clojure 1.8 for CLJS
  • ClojureScript compatibility
    • Excluding calfpath.route/make-dispatcher and matchex optimization (JVM only)
  • Data-driven routing
    • Show URI patterns in sorted order on no URI match (HTTP 400)
  • Bidirectional routing - ID based Ring request generation (ns calfpath.route)
    • make-index
    • realize-uri
    • template->request
  • Performance tweaks
    • Automatic prefix-segregation using wildcard nested routing
      • See options :trie? and :trie-threshold in calfpath.route/compile-routes
      • [Todo] Add more benchmarks comparing with other libraries
    • Add large routes (OpenSensors) to performance benchmarks
    • Drop calfpath.MatchResult in favour of 2-element array
    • [Todo] Add bidirectional routing benchmark
  • Documentation overhaul
    • [Todo] Existing features
    • [Todo] Bidirectional routing
    • [Todo] HOWTO document

0.7.2 / 2019-January-15

  • Add a middleware to add route to the request map
    • calfpath.route/assoc-spec-to-request-middleware

0.7.1 / 2019-January-04

  • Routes
    • Add utility fn calfpath.route/prewalk-routes
    • Fix reporting "URI templates" in routes fallback-400 handler
      • Introduce :full-uri kwarg in calfpath.route/compile-routes as reference key

0.7.0 / 2019-January-03

  • Routes
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Allow argument params-key instead of looking up route spec
      • Accept params-key in calfpath.route/make-uri-matcher - no route spec lookup
      • Changes to calfpath.route/compile-routes
        • Drop support for kwargs :split-params? and :uri-params-key
        • Accept optional kwarg :params-key
  • Performance
    • Include Reitit among performance benchmarks
    • Avoid allocating MatchResult object on route full-match with no params
      • [IMPL CHANGE] Drop MatchResult.fullMatch() in favour of MatchResult.FULL_MATCH_NO_PARAMS
    • Allocate param map (in Util.matchURI()) to hold only as many params as likely

0.6.0 / 2018-April-30

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Drop support for Clojure versions 1.5 and 1.6
    • Supported Clojure versions: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Rename calfpath.route/make-routes to calfpath.route/compile-routes
  • Routes: Put URI params under an optional key in request map (by adding pair :uri-params <request-key> to route)
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Update calfpath.route/make-uri-matcher arity - accept an extra argument uri-params-key
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] In middleware lift-key-middleware accept lift-keys collection instead of single lift-key
    • Refactor calfpath.route/compile-routes
      • Add option kwargs
        • :uri-params-key to find out where to place URI params in the request map
        • :uri-params-val to specify where to place URI params in the request map
        • :split-params? to determine whether to split URI params under a separate key in request map
        • :trailing-slash to specify action to perform with trailing slash (:add or :remove) to URI patterns
    • Workaround for conj bug in Aleph (0.4.4) and Immutant (2.1.10) requests
  • Support for asynchronous Ring handlers in routes API
  • Performance optimization
    • Make fallback matches faster with matchex optimization
    • Make keyword method matches faster using identical? instead of =
  • Route middleware
    • calfpath.route/assoc-kv-middleware - associate key/value pairs corresponding to a main key in a route
    • calfpath.route/trailing-slash-middleware - drop or add trailing slash to non-partial URI matchers
  • Overhaul performance benchmarks
    • Use external handler fns in routing code
    • Fix parameter extraction with Clout
    • Add benchmarks for other routing libraries
      • Ataraxy
      • Bidi

0.5.0 / 2017-December-10

  • Routes
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Matcher now returns potentially-updated request, or nil
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Route handler now has the same arity as Ring handler
      • Path-params associated in request map under respective keys
      • This allows Ring middleware to be applied to route handlers
    • [BREAKING CHANGE] Drop ring-handler-middleware
  • Documentation
    • Fetching/rendering static files or classpath resources using Ring middleware
    • Documentation for routes (keys other than essential ones)

0.4.0 / 2016-October-13

  • Make URI-match work for partial matches and URI prefixes
    • A partial URI pattern may be expressed with a * suffix
    • Zero or more partial URI patterns may exist in a route tree
    • This may impact how URIs in HTTP-400 responses are generated
  • Middleware
    • A helper fn calfpath.route/update-in-each-route to apply route attribute wrapper to specs
    • A lift-key middleware calfpath.route/lift-key-middleware to split routes with mixed specs
    • A ring-route middleware calfpath.route/ring-handler-middleware to wrap Ring handlers into route handlers
  • Helper fn calfpath.route/make-routes to build routes from given route specs
  • Allow non-literal string URI-patterns in calfpath.core/->uri
  • Fix calfpath.route/update-fallback-400 to add fallback 400 route on one or more URI entry, instead of all
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Drop calfpath.core/make-uri-handler in favor of Calfpath routes

0.3.0 / 2016-May-27

  • Support for extensible routes as a first-class abstraction
    • A dispatcher fn that walks given routes to match request and invoke corresponding handler
    • An optimized (through loop unrolling) way to create a dispatcher fn from given routes
    • Helper fns to manipulate routes at shallow and deep levels

0.2.1 / 2016-February-17

  • Add support for PATCH HTTP method

0.2.0 / 2015-June-06

  • Dispatch (fn) on URI template by calling fns, that returns a Ring handler fn

0.1.0 / 2015-June-04

  • Dispatch (macro) on URI template by evaluating expression in lexical scope
  • Dispatch (macro) on HTTP method by evaluating expression

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