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This is an Instagram API wrapper based on the Clojure http.async.client library. It currently support all endpoints except everything related to real-time subscriptions.

Special thanks to theses libraries and authors


Just add the following to your project.clj file in the dependencies section:

[instagram-api "0.1.6"]


(ns yournamespace
    (instagram.callbacks.protocols SyncSingleCallback)))

(def ^:dynamic *creds* (make-oauth-creds *client-id*

; Generate the authorization url
  (def ^:dynamic *auth-url* (authorization-url *creds* "likes comments relationships"))

; Exchange the code to get the user's access token
  (let [access-token (-> (get-access-token *creds* "code-from-IG") :body :access_token)]
    ; do stuff with access-token, save it somewhere etc.
    (println access-token))

; You can make unauthentificated calls without access token, but you
; still needs to send your app credentials. Some API calls won't work without
; an access token, check the Instagram documentation.

(get-popular :oauth *creds*)

; The same API call, to get popular photos, but with the user’s access token.

(get-popular :access-token *access-token*)

; Some endpoints require parameters, see instagram.api.endpoint and the Instagram
; documentation. Here are some examples:

; Search a user
(search-users :access-token *access-token* :params {:q "rydgel"})

; Get medias from an user
(get-user-medias :access-token *access-token* :params {:user_id "36783"})


Clone the project and run lein jar, and the library will be build into a jar.

$ lein jar
Created /Users/rydgel/Projects/Clojure/instagram-api/target/instagram-api-0.1.1.jar


There is a file in resources/test.config that you need to configure with your data. You can create an app in the developer Instagram website. Then you can use leiningen to test the library, be patient it makes real API calls and won’t be instant.

$ lein test
lein test instagram.api-test
lein test instagram.api.endpoint-test
lein test instagram.callbacks-test
lein test instagram.core-test
lein test instagram.creds
lein test instagram.request-test
lein test instagram.utils-test
Ran 36 tests containing 93 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.


  • Subscriptions stuff.


Copyright © 2012 Jérôme Mahuet

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Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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