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Grammar-based Clojure(script) parser.

Parcera can safely read any Clojure file without any code evaluation.

Parcera uses the wonderful Antlr4 as its parsing engine and focuses on the grammar definition instead.


  • Java

Add [org.antlr/antlr4-runtime "4.7.1"] to your dependencies in addition to parcera. This is to avoid adding an unnecessary dependency for the JavaScript users.

  • Javascript

All necessary files are delivered with parcera. However, currently only Browser support has been tested.

(ns example.core
  (:require [parcera.core :as parcera]))

;;parse clojure code from a string
(parcera/ast (str '(ns parcera.core
                     (:require [ :as data]
                               [clojure.string :as str]))))

;; => returns a data structure with the result from the parser
  (:symbol "ns")
  (:whitespace " ")
  (:symbol "parcera.core")
  (:whitespace " ")
   (:keyword ":require")
   (:whitespace " ")
   (:vector (:symbol "") (:whitespace " ") (:keyword ":as") (:whitespace " ") (:symbol "data"))
   (:whitespace " ")
   (:vector (:symbol "clojure.string") (:whitespace " ") (:keyword ":as") (:whitespace " ") (:symbol "str")))))
;; get meta data from the parsed code
(meta (second (parcera/ast (str :hello))))
#:parcera.core{:start {:row 1, :column 0}, :end {:row 1, :column 6}}

;; convert an AST back into a string
(parcera/code [:symbol "ns"])
;; "ns"

If you are interested in the grammar definition check Clojure.g4.


  • to get you setup check the travis file which already contains a full setup from scratch.
  • the project contains a benchmark which should be the decision factor for performance issues.
  • please follow Clojure's Etiquete for issues and pull requests

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