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Grammar-based Clojure(script) parser.

Parcera can safely read any Clojure file without any code evaluation.

Parcera uses the wonderful Instaparse as its parsing engine and focuses entirely on the grammar definition instead. For a full explanation of the options available for a parser please visit Instaparse website.


(ns example.core
  (:require [parcera.core :as parcera]
            [instaparse.core :as instaparse]))

;;parse clojure code from a string
(parcera/clojure (str '(ns parcera.core
                         (:require [instaparse.core :as instaparse]
                                   [ :as data]
                                   [clojure.string :as str]))))

;; => returns a data structure with the result from the parser
  [:symbol "ns"]
  [:whitespace " "]
  [:symbol "parcera.core"]
  [:whitespace " "]
   [:simple-keyword ":require"]
   [:whitespace " "]
    [:symbol "instaparse.core"]
    [:whitespace " "]
    [:simple-keyword ":as"]
    [:whitespace " "]
    [:symbol "instaparse"]]
   [:whitespace " "]
   [:vector [:symbol ""] [:whitespace " "] [:simple-keyword ":as"] [:whitespace " "] [:symbol "data"]]
   [:whitespace " "]
   [:vector [:symbol "clojure.string"] [:whitespace " "] [:simple-keyword ":as"] [:whitespace " "] [:symbol "str"]]]]]

;; convert an AST back into a string
(parcera/code [:symbol "ns"])
;; "ns"


There are some restrictions as to how much can a parser do. In my experience, these restrictions are related to some semantic context-sensitivity. which the Clojure reader has embedded into itself. In general I have found the following ones:

  • parcera doesnt check that a map contains an even number of elements. This is specially difficult to do since Clojure supports the discard macro #_ form which is a valid element but "doesnt count as one"
  • parcera doesnt check if a map has repeated keys
  • parcera doesnt check if a set has repeated elements

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