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Clojure library for interacting with Caddy via the HTTP Admin API

Tested with Caddy v2.2.1



[cawdy "0.3.1"]


cawdy {:mvn/version "0.3.1"}



Creates a new server that listens on :2015 and serves two domains. One that gives a static response (:static) for all requests and one that serves files from a directory (:files)

(require '[cawdy.core :as cawdy])
(def conn (cawdy/connect "http://localhost:2019")
(cawdy/create-server conn {:listen [":2015"]})
(cawdy/add-route conn :my-id "cawdy-response.example" :static {:body "hello"}))
(cawdy/add-route conn :my-id "cawdy-files.example" :files {:root "/etc"}))

Connect to running Caddy server

(require '[cawdy.core :as cawdy])
(def conn (cawdy/connect "http://localhost:2019")

Get Current Configuration

(cawdy/config conn)
=> {:apps
       {:listen ["localhost:2016"],
          [{:handler "file_server", :root "/tmp/cawdytest2"}]}]}}}}})

Add Static Response Handler

(cawdy/create-server conn {:listen [":2019"]})
(cawdy/add-route conn :my-id "localhost" :static {:body "This gets returned"}))
$ curl --silent localhost:2019
This gets returned

Options for :static handler can be:

  • :body - What to send in the response body

Add File Server Handler

(cawdy/create-server conn {:listen [":2020"]})
(cawdy/add-route conn :my-id "localhost" :static {:root "/etc"}))
$ curl --silent localhost:2020/hosts
# Static table lookup for hostnames.

Options for :files handler are:

  • :root - What directory should act as the root directory


Run tests with make test that will automatically download a compatible Caddy version to run the tests with. It'll also start caddy with no config, and turn it off after the tests.

Don't run the tests with a caddy instance whos config is important as the tests will remove the existing config before each test.


Copyright © 2020 Victor Bjelkholm under MIT license, see LICENSE

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