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clj-swing is supposed to be an easy way to create swing GUIs in clojure.


Genreal guidelines:

  • classes can be configured during creation time. If a java class has a setter setHorizontalAlignment the attribute can be given to the constructor as :horizontal-alignment.
  • if a class has fields for a setter, the field name can be given in lower case letters so (label ... :horizontal-alignment :left) on a JLabel is equivalent to: (.setHorizontalAlignment label (JLabel/LEFT))
  • the form macro works as a kind of let with an implicit doto so you can write (form [c1 (component1) c2 (component2 doing something with 1)] the components will be inserted in this order.
  • The form macro also takes optional constraints for each component (this is an idea I took from Stuart Sierras blog post thousand thanks here!) They can but do not have to be added, if they are you need to add the :constraints optin holding the constraints object.


clj-swing on clojars :).


Copyright (c) 2010 Heinz N. Gies.

This code is published under the EPL, have fun! See LICENSE.html for the booring stuff.

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