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Run the project directly, via :exec-fn:

$ clojure -X:run-x
Hello, Clojure!

Run the project, overriding the name to be greeted:

$ clojure -X:run-x :name '"Someone"'
Hello, Someone!

Run the project directly, via :main-opts (-m qbits.funk):

$ clojure -M:run-m
Hello, World!

Run the project, overriding the name to be greeted:

$ clojure -M:run-m Via-Main
Hello, Via-Main!

Run the project's tests (they'll fail until you edit them):

$ clojure -M:test:runner

Build an uberjar:

$ clojure -X:uberjar

This will update the generated pom.xml file to keep the dependencies synchronized with your deps.edn file. You can update the version information in the pom.xml using the :version argument:

$ clojure -X:uberjar :version '"1.2.3"'

If you don't want the pom.xml file in your project, you can remove it, but you will also need to remove :sync-pom true from the deps.edn file (in the :exec-args for depstar).

Run that uberjar:

$ java -jar funk.jar


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Copyright © 2021 Mpenet

EPLv1.0 is just the default for projects generated by clj-new: you are not required to open source this project, nor are you required to use EPLv1.0! Feel free to remove or change the LICENSE file and remove or update this section of the file!

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0.

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