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Cheap/lightweight volatile mutable type inspired by what could come out from CLJ-1512, but available now and in pure clojure.

You probably don't need this. Use at your own risk.

(require '[qbits.pod :as p])

(let [p (p/pod 1)]
  (p/reset! p 2)
  (p/setf! p inc)
  (p/swap! p (fn [old x y] (+ old x y)) 2 3)
  (println @p))

=> 8


qbits.pod is available on Clojars.

Add this to your dependencies:

[cc.qbits/pod "0.2.0"]

Please check the Changelog if you are upgrading.


Copyright © 2014 Max Penet

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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