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A collection of nREPL middleware, originally designed to enhance CIDER. cider-nrepl is also used by vim-fireplace, iced-vim, Calva and other Clojure development tools based on nREPL.

If you're just a user trying to get started with CIDER, then you probably don't want to read this. You should follow the steps in CIDER's user manual instead.

People who are new to nREPL might benefit from reading its user manual.


Please refer to the documentation site for information on how to setup cider-nrepl or how to leverage its nREPL API.

Release policy

We're following SemVer (as much as one can be following it when the major version is 0). At this point bumps of the minor (second) version number are considered major releases and always include new features or significant changes to existing features. API compatibility between major releases is not a (big) concern (although we try to break the API rarely and only for a good reason).

The development cycle for the next major release starts immediately after the previous one has been shipped. Bugfix/point releases (if any) address only serious bugs and never contain new features.

Note: Prior to cider-nrepl 0.18, CIDER and cider-nrepl releases were always done in sync. As most editors started relying on cider-nrepl this was eventually changed and now cider-nrepl releases happen on their own schedule.



Report issues and suggest features and improvements on the GitHub issue tracker. Don't ask questions on the issue tracker - the mailing list and the IRC channel are the places for questions.


Patches in any form are always welcome! GitHub pull requests are even better! :-)

Before submitting a patch or a pull request make sure all tests are passing and that your patch is in line with the contribution guidelines.

Working with mranderson (inlining runtime dependencies)

mranderson is used to avoid classpath collisions.

To work with mranderson the first thing to do is:

lein do clean, inline-deps

This creates the munged local dependencies in target/srcdeps directory.

After that you can run your tests or your REPL with:

lein with-profile +plugin.mranderson/config repl
lein with-profile +plugin.mranderson/config test

Note the + sign before the leiningen profile. For this leiningen profile to work you need leiningen version 2.5.0+! If you want to use mranderson while developing locally with the REPL the source has to be modified in the target/srcdeps directory. When you want to release locally:

lein with-profile plugin.mranderson/config install

Using the Makefile

...Or you can use the Makefile as:

PROJECT_VERSION=0.37.1 make install

Releasing to Clojars

Note: Make sure you've updated the changelog, docs/antora.yml, etc before cutting a new release.

Release to clojars by tagging a new release:

git tag -a v0.37.1 -m "Release 0.37.1"
git push --tags

The CI will take it from there.

Hall of Fame

Special credit goes to the following people for their contributions:

And a big thanks to all other contributors who have helped so far.

Let's also acknowledge some of the projects leveraged by cider-nrepl:

  • orchard - extracted from cider-nrepl, so that non-nREPL clients can leverage the generic tooling functionality (like inspect, apropos, var-info, etc
  • compliment - for Clojure code completion
  • clj-suitable - for ClojureScript code completion using runtime inspection
  • tools.trace - for tracing
  • tools.namespace - for namespace reloading
  • cljfmt - for code formatting


Copyright © 2013-2023 Bozhidar Batsov

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

Can you improve this documentation? These fine people already did:
Bozhidar Batsov, vemv, Michael Griffiths, Andrea Richiardi, Artur Malabarba, Gary Trakhman, Jeff Valk, Laurent Petit, Benedek Fazekas, Akhil Wali, Hugo Duncan, Robert Krahn, liquidz, Dave Liepmann, Philip Jagielski, Toby Crawley, Dominic Monroe, Jon Pither, Neil Okamoto, Rory O’Kane, sanjayl, expez, Niklas Fasching, Tianxiang Xiong, Juan E. Maya, Alexander Yakushev, Tim Pope, Max Veytsman, Blake Miller & Juan Monetta
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