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A Clojure client for Rollbar


Rollcage is available on Clojars.


[circleci/rollcage "1.0.203"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

circleci/rollcage {:mvn/version "1.0.203"}


You can send exceptions like this:

user=> (require '[circleci.rollcage.core :as rollcage])

user=> (def r (rollcage/client "access-token" {:environment "staging"}))

user=> (try
  #_=>   (/ 0)
  #_=>   (catch Exception e
  #_=>     (rollcage/error r e)))
{:err 0, :result {:id nil, :uuid "420cfa6e-40d1-431d-80ef-575520c40dd7"}}

You can also setup handler for all UncaughtExceptions. Call this fn during start-up procedure to ensure all uncaught exceptions will be sent to Rollbar.

user=> (rollcage/setup-uncaught-exception-handler r)

See the full API docs for more information.


If you would like to contibute to the project, please log an issue to discuss the feature/bug before submitting a pull request.


A full CI suite is run on CircleCI. You can run the unit-test suite locally by running lein test. Some tests require access to Rollbar, with a valid access token that has permission to post server items. The token should be specified in the ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

$ ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your token> lein test

The tests that require access to Rollbar are annotated with the :integration metadata tag. You can exclude these by using the :unit test selector.

$ lein test :unit


Releases are published to Clojars under the CircleCI organisation. You can publish new SNAPSHOT version of Rollcage using leiningen:

$ lein deploy clojars

You can release a new version of Rollcage by editing the version string in project.clj according to semver and removing the -SNAPSHOT qualifier. Then run

$ lein deploy clojars


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

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