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Respo Cirru Editor

Reimplement Cirru Editor in Respo.


Support several basic shortcuts from Clacit Editor.


Clojars Project

[cirru/editor "0.3.1"]

Import comp-editor like this:

[cirru-editor.comp.editor :refer [comp-editor]]
[cirru-editor.util.dom :refer [focus!]]

Arguments of comp-editor:

(defn on-update! [snapshot dispatch!]
  (dispatch! :update snapshot))

(defn on-command [snapshot dispatch! e])

(defn schema {:snaphot {:tree []
                        :focus []
                        :clipboard []}})

; states comes from Respo@4.x states management
(defn render [states snapshot]
  (fn [cursor]
    (div {:style {}}
      (comp-editor states snapshot on-update! on-command))))

focus! is a side-effect. You have to make sure it's called only editor is changed. Respo does not provide a didMount hook, you have to handle it globally on you own. Take src/cirru_editor/main.cljs for example.




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