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Tiny Clojure(Script) library for conversion between qualified and unqualified keyword maps.


(ns my-project.core
  (:require [cjsauer.mass-transit :refer [qualify-map unqualify-map]]))

;; Define some specs for humans
(s/def :human/name string?)
(s/def :human/age number?)
(s/def ::human (s/keys :req [:human/name

(def human {:human/age 42
            :human/name "Jeff"
            :other 12})

(unqualify-map human)
;; {:age 42, :name "Jeff", :other 12}

(def unq-human {:age 42
                :name "Brad"
                :other 12})

;; Qualify the keys of the map using the given spec as the guide.
;; Notice how keywords not in the spec are simply ignored.
(qualify-map unq-human ::human)
;; {:human/age 42, :human/name "Brad", :other 12} 

;; An overrides map can be provided to customize behavior
(qualify-map unq-human ::human {:other :something/else})
;;{:human/age 42, :human/name "Brad", :something/else 12}

Note that (qualify-map) only works for (s/keys) spec definitions. It is not useful for (s/map-of) spec definitions in which the target keywords can not be inferred.

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