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clj-aws-signer Build Status

A ring middleware to sign AWS requests.


To use clj-aws-signer, add this project as a dependency in your leiningen project file:

Clojars Project

(wrap-sign-aws-request handler service-name region)

The arguments are:

  • handler: A ring handler that will be used.
  • service-name: The AWS service name that should be used for the signing process. e.g. es for elastic search.
  • region: An optional aws region name. If not provided, it will try to detect it through either an environment variable AWS_REGION or when running on EC2 through the meta data service.


Sign a clj-http request:

    [clj-http.client :as client]
    [clj-aws-signer.core :refer [wrap-sign-aws-request]]))

(client/with-additional-middleware [#(wrap-sign-aws-request %1 "<SERVICE NAME>")]
  (client/get "http://........")

Sign a request made with the elastisch library:

(client/with-additional-middleware [#(wrap-sign-aws-request %1 "es")]
  (esd/search conn "myapp_development" "person" :query (q/term :biography "New York"))


Copyright © 2016 Sebastian Kichtan

Distributed under the MIT License.

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