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Clojure tools cli extensions, to make command line options easier. Creating good commandline options and parsing them should be easy and painless.

This is simply an extension and wrapper around parse-opts from org.clojure/tools.cli Tools.cli is doing all the work, and you'll need to understand it to some extent.

Parse-opts does a great job of parsing. But it leaves a lot of work to be done when creating even a simple command line interface. Things like --help, --version and help on error should be a part of the simplist command line interface. Sub commands should also be easy to create and use. Errors, help and version should be taken care of at a central point.

There is a minimal set of things needed to create a CLI with this extension.

  • Define some global options as needed.
  • Define some sub-command options as needed.
  • Define a sub-command map using the sub-command options and any action arguments.
  • Create a CLI
  • Add the global options
  • Add the sub-command map
  • Parse the arguments.

This is all because I don't usually want to spend a lot of time on my command line interface, but I want it to be nice.


It would be nice to have parse groups.


Create some parse-opts options as usual.

(def server-options
  ;; An option with a required argument
  [["-p" "--port PORT" "Port number"
    :default 80
    :parse-fn #(Integer/parseInt %)
    :validate [#(< 0 % 0x10000) "Must be a number between 0 and 65536"]]
   ;; A non-idempotent option
   ["-v" nil "Verbosity level"
    :id :verbosity
    :default 0
    :assoc-fn (fn [m k _] (update-in m [k] inc))]
    ;; A boolean option defaulting to nil
    ["-h" "--help"]])

(def s3-options
  [["-b" "--bucket S3-Bucket" "Bucket to get a file from."]
   ["-a" "--access-key ACCESS-KEY" "S3 access key"]
   ["-s" "--secret-key SECRET-KEY" "S3 secret key"]
   ["-f" "--file-key FILE-KEY" "File-key to retrieve from bucket"]
   ["-h" "--help"]])

(def file-options
  [["-f" "--file PATH" "File path to get a file from."]
   ["-h" "--help"]])

###Create a list of subcommands as needed, Actions are specified here as well. They require no options definition.

(def sub-commands-map:
  "define a map of sub commands, their options and a usage function."
  {:server  [server-options "setup a server"]
   :s3    [s3-options "get an s3 file"]
   :file  [file-options "get a local file"]
   ;; Actions have no options specification.
   :start [nil "Start a new server"]
   :stop  [nil "Stop an existing server"]
   :restart [nil "Restart a Server"]})

###Create the CLI, add the options and sub-commands and parse the arguments.

 (def mycli
    (-> (clie/new-cli "mytest" "1.0.0" "My test program does nothing.")
        (clie/set-sub-commands sub-commands-map)
        (clie/parse-all argv)))

That is mostly it. Use the parsed options to do what you want.

(:s3 (:parsed-sub-commands mycli))
(:server (:parsed-sub-commands mycli))
(:file   (:parsed-sub-commands mycli))
;; actions can be found in actions or in the parsed-sub-commands
(:start (:actions mycli))
;; global options, if you have any, can be found in parsed-global-options.
(:parsed-global-options mycli)

--help, --version, and usage.

These options are taken care of. The default global options are --help and --version. If there is an error, or --help or --version. The appropriate text is generated and the system exits. Sub-command usage is displayed when --help is given after a sub-command.

Adding or changing the global options.

The default global options are -h --help, and -V --version. More global options can be added with

(clie/add-global-options mycli global-option-specs)

Usage functions.

There are two usage functions for help and errors. :usage and :sub-command-usage. They do reasonable things but can of course be changed to do whatever you want them to.


Copyright © 2014 Eric Gebhart

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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