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This library helps you hash, compress, and encode streams of bytes. It contains the methods in the standard Java lib, as well as a curated collection of the best available methods.


[byte-transforms "0.1.4"]

All functions are in the byte-transforms namespace. There are five primary functions, hash, compress, decompress, encode, and decode. Each takes three arguments: the bytes, the method, and an (optional) options map. The bytes can be anything which is part of the byte-stream conversion graph.

byte-transforms> (hash "hello" :murmur64)

byte-transforms> (compress "hello" :snappy)
#<byte[] [B@7e0f980b>
byte-transforms> (byte-streams/to-string (decompress *1 :snappy))

byte-transforms> (byte-streams/to-string (encode "hello" :base64 {:url-safe? false}))
byte-transforms> (byte-streams/to-string (decode *1 :base64))

Note that Base64 encoding defaults to the URL-safe variant, which means that the output will not be padded. This can be disabled by passing in {:url-safe? false} to encode.

Available methods can be found via available-hash-functions, available-compressors, and available-encoders:

byte-transforms> (available-hash-functions)
(:sha384 :md2 :crc32 :crc64 :sha512 :sha1 :murmur32 :murmur128 :adler32 :sha256 :md5 :murmur64)
byte-transforms> (available-compressors)
(:lz4 :bzip2 :snappy :gzip)
byte-transforms> (available-encoders)

When choosing a compression algorithm, snappy is typically the fastest, bzip2 yields the highest compression, and lz4 provides a good balance between higher compression rate and fast decompression. All the compression algorithms except lz4 are concat-able; multiple compressed segments can be concatenated and decompressed as a single stream.

Full stats on all methods can be found by cloning the project and running lein test :benchmark.


Copyright © 2013 Zachary Tellman

Distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

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