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A Clojure library to retrieve stock data from the IEX API.


Data provided for free by IEX. View IEX’s Terms of Use.


Because IEX is awesome and provides free data and a relatively high rate-limit.

Per their usage documentation:

We throttle endpoints by IP, but you should be able to achieve over 100 requests per second.


With Leiningen or Boot:

[clj-iex "0.1.0"]


This library provides a function for each of the IEX-provided endpoints, and is namespaced based on their documentation. Examples below use clj-iex.stock but clj-iex.refdata, clj-iex.mktdata, clj-iex.stats, and are also available. Effort has been made to briefly document each function and the required/optional parameters, but IEX's documentation should be the primary resource.

To get started, include in your namespace:

(ns example.ns
  (:require [clj-iex.stock :as stock]))

If we want to get the financials of IBM:

(stock/get-financials "ibm")

All input parameters (except where specified) support keywords or strings.

(stock/get-financials :ibm)

Also note that every function in this library supports the optional filter parameter, in which the list of fields specified will be the only ones returned in the response.

(stock/get-financials :ibm :filter [:netIncome :operatingExpense])

There's even a crypto quote endpoint:



Copyright © 2018 Daniel Lee

Distributed under the MIT License.

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