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Building from source

Linux and MacOS

To build the clj-kondo binary from source:

  • Download GraalVM java11 21.0.0. Currently clj-kondo can only be built with java11 based graal VMs, so using JDK 8 builds will not work.

  • Set the GRAALVM_HOME variable. E.g.:

      export GRAALVM_HOME=$HOME/Downloads/graalvm-ce-java11-21.0.0/Contents/Home
  • git clone this repo and cd clj-kondo

  • Finally:


Place the binary somewhere on your path.

Optional steps

These steps are only necessary to update resources that are shipped with clj-kondo.

  • To update the built-in cache for Clojure and ClojureScript:

  • JDK 12 is needed only in this step. To update static method information from commonly used Java classes:

    JAVA_HOME=<path to JDK 12> script/extract-java

    where JDK 12 is located in e.g. ~/Downloads/jdk-12.jdk/Contents/Home.


These steps assume a Windows 10 installation with Git for Windows and leiningen. We will be using the java version that comes with GraalVM, so there is no need to install it separately.

The following steps need to be executed from the Windows SDK 7.1 command prompt.

  • set the GRAALVM_HOME environment variable:

      set GRAALVM_HOME=C:\Users\IEUSer\Downloads\graalvm-ce-21.0.0
  • git clone this repo and cd clj-kondo

  • Run script\compile.bat

If the script finished successfully, there is now a clj-kondo.exe in the current directory. Place the binary somewhere on your path.

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