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A ClojureScript library for the Monaco Editor.

STATUS: Pre-alpha, in design and prototyping phase.

Quick Start Guide

Add the following dependency in your project:

;; project.clj or build.boot
[clj-monaco "0.0.9"]

;; deps.edn
{:deps {clj-monaco {:mvn/version "0.0.9"}}}


You can see the online demo here and full example here.


# Install npm deps
$ npm i


# Run nREPL & connect from your IDE
$ make repl

# Application: http://localhost:3000
# Tests: http://localhost:3000/test
# REPL: nrepl://localhost:7888

Available commands

$ make help
help                           Show help
clean                          Clean
repl                           Run REPL
lint                           Run linter
test                           Run tests
prepare                        Prepare to build
jar                            Build jar file
js                             Build js files
serve                          Run local server
install                        Install jar file
deploy                         Deploy to clojars

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