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Clojure FCM client

Clojure wrap for Firebase Cloud Messaging that allows You to send push notifications easily.


Leiningen coordinates:

[clj-push-notifications "1.0.7"]

Example of usage:

First get Your credentials (google-services.json file) from Firebase console, and add them to Your project path (or some config file):

(ns example.firebase-notifications
    (:require [mount.core :refer [defstate]]
              [clj-push-notifications.core :as fcm]))

(defstate firebase-notifications
    ; You can check Your db-url in: Firebase Console -> Settings -> Service Accounts.
    :start  (fcm/init-firebase (slurp config-file-path) db-url)
    :stop  (fcm/delete-firebase)

(def notification-params (-> {}
                            (assoc :token "some-firebase-token")
                            (assoc :title "Hi,")
                            (assoc :message "Hello world!")
                            (assoc :badges {:android 1 :aps 2})
                            (assoc :custom-field "my-field")
                            (assoc :custom-data "Some data")))

(def multicast-notification-params (-> notification-params
                                        (dissoc :token)
                                        (assoc :tokens ["token-1" "token-2" ...])))

(fcm/send-notification notification-params)
(fcm/send-multicast-notifications multicast-notification-params)


Distributed under the EPL v2.0. Copyright © Spinney.

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