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Clojars Project

A Clojure library implementing the Source RCON protocol for administering Source engine powered game servers (TF2, L4D, etc.).

The protocol:

Warning: almost no optimization effort has been put into this library.


This library provides two functions: connect and exec.

(connect host port password). host can be a string or InetAddress. port is a number. password is a string. Read (doc clj-rcon/connect) for more.

(exec stream command). connection is a manifold stream; specifically: one setup by a successful connect (a deref of the return value of an individual connect call). Command is a rcon command string to send to the server. A manifold deferred is returned. It may resolve to a :timeout keyword, else the response of the command, as a string.


user> (def c (clj-rcon.core/connect "" 27015 "rc0npassw0rd"))
user> (def q (clj-rcon.core/exec @c "status"))
user> @q
"hostname: ...\nrest of the status message"


Copyright © 2016 George Pittarelli

Distributed under the MIT License.

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