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Generate RSA PKCS #1 keys from scratch and without 3rd party libs in Clojure, export PEM and OpenSSH formats

☛ intended for hacking and educational purposes only!

public key


 (let [key (generate-key)]
    (write-private-key! key "pvt.pem")
    (write-public-key! key "pub.pem")
    (write-openssh-public-key! key "")))

for generating a default (2048 bit) length key, while:

(write-private-key! (generate-key 2345) "pvt.pem")

will issue a custom length key:

$ openssl rsa -noout -text -in pvt.pem|head -n 1
RSA Private-Key: (2345 bit, 2 primes)


Copyright (c) 2020-2024 Saidone

Distributed under the MIT License

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