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Clojars Project

Basic interface to systemd in Clojure via dbus. For now only basic service and timer functions are implemented.


With danielsz.system or com.stuartsierra.component

(:require (...)
          [clj-systemd.component :refer [new-systemd]
          [clj-systemd.manager :as manager]])

(defsystem my-system
           :systemd (new-systemd :instance-type :system))

(manager/get-service (:systemd system) "my-service.service")


(:require (...)
          [clj-systemd.systemd :as systemd]
          [clj-systemd.manager :as manager])
(let [systemd (systemd/get-systemd :system)
      manager (-> (systemd/get-systemd :system)
  ;; Clean up after, this will disconnect all :system managers
  ;; as `manager` is implemented as singleton in Java
  (manager/disconnect :system)

Functions idefined on top of manager

  • get-service [manager service-name] - Get Service SERVICE-NAME
  • get-unit [manager unit-name] - Get Unit UNIT-NAME
  • get-timer [manager timer-name] - Get Timer TIMER-NAME
  • start-unit - [manager unit start-mode] - Start unit UNIT-NAME with mode START-MODE
  • stop-unit [manager unit stop-mode] - Stop unit UNIT-NAME with mode STOP-MODE
  • restart-unit [manager unit restart-mode] - Restart unit UNIT-NAME with mode RESTART-MODE
  • reload [manager] - Reload systemd daemon

For more information about things like start-mode, etc see


This library is based on top of


Copyright © 2020 Slawomir Gonet

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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