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A Clojure library designed to generate QRCode wrapped java QRGen.


  • Released 0.4.0, upgrade qrgen to 0.2.0


Dependency in leiningen:

    [clj.qrgen "0.4.0"]

Use it:

(use 'clj.qrgen)

Create a QRCode from a text then save as a temporary file:

(as-file (from "hello world"))

Created with options:

;; override size and image type
(from "hello world" :size [250 250] :image-type JPG)
;; supply charset hint to ZXING
(from "hello world" :charset "utf-8")
;; supply error correction level hint to ZXING
(from "hello world" :correction L)
;; supply any hint to ZXING
(from "hello world" :hint {CHARACTER_SET "utf-8"})

Encode contact data as vcard using defaults:

(from (vcard "John Doe"
             :email ""
			 :address "John Doe Street 1, 5678 Doestown"
			 :title "Mister"
			 :company "John Doe Inc."
			 :phonenumber "1234"
			 :website ""))

As InputStream( as ring response):

(as-input-stream (from "hello world"))

As OutputStream:

(as-output-stream (from "hello world"))

As byte array:

(as-bytes (from "hello world"))

Suppy own file name:

(as-file (from "hello world") "QRCode.png")

Work with

(require '[ :as io])
(io/file (from "hello world"))
(io/output-stream (from "hello world"))
(io/input-stream (from "hello world"))
(io/copy (io/file (from "hello world")) a-output-stream)


Copyright © 2014 dennis zhuang.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0

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