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cljito is a Mockito wrapper for Clojure. Unlike the other libraries, cljito aims to be a super-thin wrapper over Mockito, so that cljito can (hopefully) support Mockito's bells and whistles with as little changes as possible.


In your project.clj, add the dev dependencies [cljito "0.2.2"] and [org.mockito/mockito-core "3.3.0"], and you are all set to start using Mockito in your tests.

The most important function to know is when->, the starting point of most of your mocking needs.

(import '[java.util List])
(use 'cljito.core)

(def mocked (when-> (mock List) (.get 0) (.thenReturn "it works")))
(.get mocked 0)       ; returns the "it works" string

; chaining works too
(when-> mocked (.get 100) (.thenReturn "first") (.thenReturn "second"))
[(.get mocked 100) (.get mocked 100)] ; returns ["first" "second"]

(def mocked-2 (mock List))
(when-> mocked-2 (.get 100) (.thenThrow RuntimeException))
(.get mocked-2 100)   ; RuntimeException is thrown

; the following four are equivalent
(verify-> mocked-2 (.get 100))
(verify-> mocked-2 1 (.get 100))
(verify-> mocked-2 (times 1) (.get 100))
(verify-> mocked-2 (Mockito/times 1) (.get 100))

(verify-> mocked-2 never (.get 0))

; the following two are equivalent
(verify-> mocked-2 (at-least 2) (.get 100)) ; throws AssertionError
(verify-> mocked-2 (Mockito/atLeast 2) (.get 100))

; you can also use the do-* variants
(.get (do-return "this works too"
                 (.when (mock List))
                 (.get 0))
      0)    ; returns the "it works too" string

; RuntimeException is thrown
(.clear (do-throw (throwables (RuntimeException.))
                  (.when (mock List))

; nothing is done
(.add (do-nothing (.when (mock List)) (.add "not added")) "not added")

The code snippet above demonstrates that very little is cljito specific; .thenReturn and .thenThrow are really Mockito methods. Despite that, cljito also provides helper functions (e.g., at-least, at-least, never) to make calls to Mockito's static methods easier.

cljito currently does not support chaining do-* stubbings.

cljito does not prescribe which version of Mockito you should use; you must specify Mockito's version in your project.clj dependencies.

cljito works with:

  1. Mockito 1.9.5.
  2. Mockito 2.25.0.
  3. Mockito 3.3.0.


Copyright (c) 2020 Shaolang

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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