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ClojureScript API for IOTA Ledger's Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) JavaScript library.


  (:require [cljs-iota-mam.core :as iota-mam]
            [cljs-iota.core :as iota]))

Add iota-bindings-emscripten.wasm to /public directory (it is needed by MAM cljsjs).


  • Properly import MAM file via cljsjs
  • Add example


Stick with the IOTA MAM JavaScript API docs, all methods there have their kebab-cased version in this library. Also, return values and responses in callbacks are automatically kebab-cased and keywordized. Instead of calling a method on the MAM object, you pass it as a first argument. For example:

let state = Mam.init(iota, seed, security)
let mode = "restricted"
let sideKey = "SECRET"
let callback = console.log

Mam.changeMode(state, mode, sidekey)
Mam.fetch(root, mode, sidekey, callback)


(def state
  (iota-mam/init (iota/create-iota "http://localhost:14700") seed security))

(def mode :restricted)
(def side-key "SECRET")
(def f println)

(iota-mam/change-mode state mode side-key)
(iota-mam/fetch root mode side-key f)

Docstrings for the methods and namespaces are adjusted to ClojureScript from the IOTA MAM JavaScript library.

Running tests

Figwheel runs test properly after changing and saving the core_test.cljs file.


This IOTA MAM library uses JavaScript utils methods from the ClojureScript API for Ethereum Web3 API by district0x.

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