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This library is interop to get Material-UI working in Clojurescript.

Current Material-UI version: 0.19.2

See Om.Next example app here git

Warning version update >= 0.2.43

When using AutoComplete use props :dataSource and :dataSourceConfig in camelCase form, since data- is interpreted as HTML data attribute

Warning version update >= 0.2.48

Since this version you don't need to exclude cljsjs/react and cljsjs/react-dom. Material-ui bundle doesn't contain own React anymore. Also don't forget to rename your on-touch-tap into on-click. Update your Clojurescript version (>= 1.9.908)


  • Add [cljs-react-material-ui "0.2.50"] to your dependencies
  • Add [cljsjs/react "15.6.1-1"] or newer version to your dependencies
  • Add [cljsjs/react-dom "15.6.1-1"] or newer version to your dependencies


(ns cljs-react-material-ui-example.core
  (:require [cljsjs.material-ui]  ; I recommend adding this at the beginning of core file
                                  ;  so React is always loaded first. It's not always needed
            [cljs-react-material-ui.core :as ui]
            [cljs-react-material-ui.icons :as ic]))   ; SVG icons that comes with MaterialUI
                                                      ; Including icons is not required

You must start your MaterialUI component tree with ui/mui-theme-provider, which must have exactly one direct child and defined theme. Use the same pattern when you want to change theme for some children, see example app.

    {:mui-theme (ui/get-mui-theme)}
    (ui/paper "Hello world"))
    {:mui-theme (ui/get-mui-theme 
        {:palette                   ; You can use either camelCase or kebab-case
            {:primary1-color (ui/color :deep-orange-a100)} 
            {:primary-text-color (ui/color :light-black) 
             :font-weight 200}})}
        {:label   "Click me"
         :primary true}))
    {:mui-theme (ui/get-mui-theme (aget js/MaterialUIStyles "DarkRawTheme"))}
    (ui/paper "Hello dark world"))

You can use all components (icons also) in their kebab-case form. Either with props or without.

    {:value          "some_val"
     :label          "Yes"
     :class-name     "my-radio-class"
     :checked-icon   (ic/action-favorite)
     :unchecked-icon (ic/action-favorite-border)})
    (ui/table-header-column "Name")
    (ui/table-header-column "Date"))
Global objects
js/MaterialUI ; Contains constructors to all components. No need to use directly.
js/MaterialUIStyles ; Contains everything from material-ui/src/styles/index.js
js/MaterialUISvgIcons ; Contains constructors to all icons. Exists only when you
                      ; include icons in your code. No need to use directly.
js/MaterialUIUtils ; Contains some of util functions provided by MaterialUI
Using with Reagent

Works with reagent "0.6.0-alpha" and up. So dependency may be sth like this

[reagent "0.6.0-alpha" :exclusions [org.clojure/tools.reader cljsjs/react]]

(ns crmui-reagent.core
    [cljs-react-material-ui.core :refer [get-mui-theme color]]
    [cljs-react-material-ui.reagent :as ui]
    [cljs-react-material-ui.icons :as ic]
    [reagent.core :as r]))
; Example with various components
(defn home-page []
   {:mui-theme (get-mui-theme
                 {:palette {:text-color (color :green600)}})}
    [ui/app-bar {:title "Title"
                   (r/as-element [ui/icon-button
     [:div "Hello"]
      {:mui-theme (get-mui-theme {:palette {:text-color (color :blue200)}})}
      [ui/raised-button {:label "Blue button"}]]
     (ic/action-home {:color (color :grey600)})
     [ui/raised-button {:label        "Click me"
                         :icon         (ic/social-group)
                         :on-touch-tap #(println "clicked")}]]]])


Using with Rum


(ns crmui-rum.core
    [cljs-react-material-ui.core :refer [get-mui-theme color]]
    [cljs-react-material-ui.icons :as ic]
    [cljs-react-material-ui.rum :as ui]
    [rum.core :as rum]))
(rum/defc thing1
          [:div "content1"])

(defn home-page []
    {:mui-theme (get-mui-theme)}
     (ui/app-bar {:icon-element-right (ui/icon-button (ic/action-accessibility))})
       (ui/tab {:label "one"}
                [:div ["hey"
                       (ui/paper "yes")]])
       (ui/tab {:label "two"} (thing1))
       (ui/tab {:label "drei"}
                 (ui/paper {} "Ima paper")]))]))

Selectable List

This library provides pre-made selectable list, whrereas in MaterialUI has to be created manually. You can access orig makeSelectable function as cljs-react-material-ui.core/make-selectable See example in reagent:

(defn selectable-list-example []
  (let [list-item-selected (atom 1)]
    (fn []
       {:value @list-item-selected
        :on-change (fn [event value]
                     (reset! list-item-selected value))}
       [ui/subheader {} "Selectable Contacts"]
        {:value 1
         :primary-text "Brendan Lim"
             {:value 2
              :key 8
              :primary-text "Grace Ng"}])]}]
        {:value 3
         :primary-text "Kerem Suer"}]
        {:value 4
         :primary-text "Eric Hoffman"}]
        {:value 5
         :primary-text "Raquel Parrado"}]])))

MaterialUI Chip Input

If you feel like using MaterialUIChipInput all you need to do is add [cljsjs/material-ui-chip-input "0.17.0-0"] (or newer version) into your project.clj. And now you can use chip-input according to your favorite framework namespace.

      [cljs-react-material-ui.chip-input.core :refer [chip-input]]
      [cljs-react-material-ui.chip-input.reagent :refer [chip-input]]
      [cljs-react-material-ui.chip-input.rum :refer [chip-input]]))


Caret moves to the end when editing a text field

This happens due to async rendering of clojurescript react libraries. Luckily, there is a workaround, which fixes most of use cases: Instead of :value prop use :default-value e.g:

(defn simple-text-field [text]
  (let [text-state (r/atom text)]
    (fn []
       {:id "example"
        :default-value @text-state
        :on-change (fn [e] (reset! text-state (.. e -target -value)))}])))

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