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CLJSJS Packages


CLJSJS is an effort to package Javascript libraries to be able to use them from within ClojureScript.

Using these packages

All packages provided by cljsjs provide deps.cljs files that will be automatically picked up by the ClojureScript compiler as of 0.0-2727. Versions of the Jar reflect the version of the packaged JS lib.

You can find the specific coordinates for those packages in their respective README files.


The wiki of this repo is used for community maintained documentation:

If you'd like to contribute there's a small section on that as well.

For information and help

Clojurians slack (join) has a channel #cljsjs for talk about Cljsjs.

Can you improve this documentation? These fine people already did:
Martin Klepsch, Juho Teperi, J. Pablo Fernández, Léon Talbot & Matthias Nehlsen
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