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Clojang Node and REPL Start-up

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The Clojang Agent is intended to perform one significant task and one minor one:

  • Start up a JInterface node (in the same way that an Erlang shell or an LFE REPL when the BEAM is started in distributed mode, e.g., -sname mynode)
  • Close the splash image that Clojang displays


To use the agent, update your project.clj (either top-level or one of your profiles) to include the following:

  :dependencies [
    [clojang/jiface "0.6.0"]
    [clojang/agent "0.6.0"]
  :jvm-opts ["-Dnode.sname=clojang"]
  :java-agents [[clojang/agent "0.6.0"]]
  :aot [clojang.agent.startup]


The clojang-agent API reference is available here:


A donation account for supporting development on this project has been set up on Liberapay here:

You can learn more about Liberapay on its Wikipedia entry or on the service's "About" page.


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