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Google Cloud Client API Bindings for Clojure.

These bindings are created to simplify interaction with java classes from clojure. For each java class was created a separate namespace. Each method/field has its own function/field binding. Their names are changed for a more native look in the clojure code. Each function has docstring - information about the parameters, return value and possible exceptions.

Class Members Naming Conventions

Class MemberJavaClojure
constructornew File()(->file)
instance methodgetAnyValue()(get-any-value)
instance fieldinstanceField(-instance-field)
static methodstaticMethod()(*static-method)
static fieldANY_STATIC_FIELD(*-any-static-field)
boolean field/methodisExists(), canUse()(exists?), (can-use?)


Eugene Potapenko


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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