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New Features

  • zone-id? predicate
  • set-clock! - sets the mocked clock value to the supplied instant
  • when-joda-time-loaded - macro which runs code when Joda-Time is on the classpath
  • instant->sql-timestamp - produce a java.sql.Timestamp from an Instant-like object
  • as support for two-field Time entities #21, courtesy Larry Jones


New Features

  • clock? predicate
  • mock-clock - returns a mocked instance of java.time.Clock.


Breaking changes

  • to-sql-date converts anything convertible to LocalDate into a java.sql.Date. Previously to-sql-date returned a java.util.Date (bug).
  • #10 to-sql-timestamp stopped accepting an instant and starting accepting local date time. I mistakenly assumed that java.sql.Timestamp/from(Instant) was deprecated.

New Features

Please see a new section within README - Legacy Date-Time Types

  • java-date, sql-date, sql-timestamp, sql-time - functions which produce the java.util.* date-time objects.
  • #5 automatic conversions:
    • java.sql.Date -> java.time.LocalDate
    • java.sql.Timestamp -> java.time.LocalDateTime
    • java.sql.Time -> java.time.LocalTime
  • deprecated to-java-date/to-sql-date/to-sql-timestamp



  • Wrong primitive type annotation on to-millis-from-epoch, see Eastwood docs for the explanation.



  • #1: Reflection warnings in two-field time entity constructors
  • #2: Ordered implementation for java.time.Instant


Breaking changes

  • zoned-date-time doesn't accept the zone id as the last argument
  • offset-date-time/offset-time doesn't accept offset id as the last argument

New features

  • with-offset/with-offset-same-instant for offset manipulation
  • with-zone/with-zone-same-instant for zone manipulation

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