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Elephant, Stripe Clojure Client

Elephant is a modern Clojure client for the Stripe API.

Project Goals

  • Provide an API that allows developers primarily work with immutable Clojure data structures.
  • Have good test coverage.

Project Maturity

Elephant is still relative young but the most active stage of development is now behind us. Breaking public API changes are relatively unlikely.


Elephant artifacts are released to Clojars. If you are using Maven, add the following repository definition to your pom.xml:


The Most Recent Release

With Leiningen:

[clojurewerkz/elephant "1.0.0-beta18"]

With Maven:


Documentation & Examples

The project is too young to begin documenting the API.

This section will be updated when the API stabilizes.

Community & Support

To subscribe for announcements of releases, important changes and so on, please follow @ClojureWerkz on Twitter.

Supported Clojure versions

Elephant requires Clojure 1.6+.

Continuous Integration Status

Continuous Integration status

Elephant Is a ClojureWerkz Project

elephant is part of the group of Clojure libraries known as ClojureWerkz, together with

and several others.


Elephant uses Leiningen 2. Make sure you have it installed and then run tests against supported Clojure versions using

lein all test

Then create a branch and make your changes on it. Once you are done with your changes and all tests pass, submit a pull request on GitHub.


Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Michael S. Klishin, Alex Petrov, and The ClojureWerkz Team.

Double licensed under the Eclipse Public License (the same as Clojure) or the Apache Public License 2.0.


What's in the Name?

The library is inspired by a badass USSR cartoon about two detectives investigating theft of a striped elephant.

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